Church Apps The Easy Way

Let's face it. You're a pastor or church leader and that means one thing - time is precious! Most app-creation companies out there charge exuberant fees and still expect you to have both graphic designers and IT professionals working on your staff. Get real. At Church Phone Apps, you - yes even you - can set up a beautiful, fully functional app in minutes. Each feature comes with a simple on/off switch, and perhaps a little something more like an email address. You can make changes at any time, with the click of a button - and there's NO added cost!

Mobile Ministry Unleashed

Until now, only large mega-churches could afford great-looking smartphone apps. But now Church Phone Apps is making it possible for mid-size and small churches to offer feature-rich apps to their members. With features like video sermons, social media, and worship attendance checkins, your app will look as great as the big guys, at a fraction of the cost.