Mobile Ministry Unleashed

Until now, only large mega-churches could afford great-looking smartphone apps. But now Church Phone Apps is making it possible for mid-size and small churches to offer feature-rich apps to their members. With features like video sermons, social media, and worship attendance checkins, your app will look as great as the big guys, at a fraction of the cost.

Church Apps the Easy Way

Let’s face it. You’re a pastor or church leader and that means one thing – time is precious! Most app-creation companies out there charge exuberant fees and still expect you to have both graphic designers and IT professionals working on your staff. Get real. At Church Phone Apps, you – yes even you – can set up a beautiful, fully functional app in minutes. Each feature comes with a simple on/off switch, and perhaps a little something more like an email address or a link to your video sermon file. You can make changes at any time, with the click of a button – right from the app!

Communication for the 21st Century

Ministry is all about communication – so it’s time we bring churches into the 21st Century.  With an app from Church Phone Apps, you’ll be able to communicate with your congregation like never before.  Send push notifications with the push of a button.  Receive prayer requests and worship checkins electronically.  Create groups within your church and send them messages and files all through the app.  Even display a searchable photo directory that users can keep up-to-date as their information changes, including links to their social media pages!


The Highest Quality

Push Notifications

Send push notifications and files straight from the app with the click of a button.  Send to the entire congregation, a group of people, or even a single person.

Easy to Manage

Manage all your content right from your app or via our online control panel.  Nothing could be easier.  Best of all, all your changes are synchronized instantaneously.

Fully Customizable

Take full control of your app.  With the in-app content management system your app is fully in your hands.  Upload custom graphics, set your own color scheme, even add unlimited pages to your app by linking to custom webpages.

Social Integration

Dynamically connect with your people using your already existing social media accounts.

Quality you can Afford

Here at Church Phone Apps we believe quality shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why we’ve designed our apps to be of the highest quality with the small church budget in mind.

Excellent Support

Working with churches is our passion. That’s why we strive to provide the best customer support for you and your parishioners. Anyone with the app can ask for help by simply typing a message.

"Amazing quality for such a low price!"
"I love how professional this app looks. We are finally a modern church!"
"Because of the low price even we can afford an app!"